More than 120 experts in wastewater treatment gathered for a conference held in Palermo


A paper resulting from the collaboration of the Industrial Wastewater group in the Water and Health Division at Ceit-IK4 and the Fluid Mechanics group at Tecnun School of Engineering and written by researcher Beñat Elduayen Echave has received the ‘Best Paper Award’ for the Anaerobic Digestion and Modeling module at the Frontiers International Conference on Wastewater Treatment, held recently in Palermo, Italy.

The paper, entitled ‘Sensitivity Analysis and Calibration with Bayesian Inference of a Mass-based Discretized Population Balance Model for Struvite Precipitation’ is part of the PhD thesis that Elduayen is carrying out at Ceit-IK4, directed by Paloma Grau and Gorka Sánchez.

The thesis is part of the ‘Mathematical modeling and simulation of physic-chemical processes for resource recovery in wastewater treatment plants’ project, which is financed by the Spanish Government. The objective of the project is to integrate advanced modeling tools such as the Population Balance Model and Computational Fluid Dynamics into precipitation processes. The use of these frameworks will help to increase the understanding of the inner mechanisms of the precipitation process and to optimize it.

The Frontiers International Conference on Wastewater Treatment event was supported by the International Water Association (IWA), where more than 120 international researchers presented the results of their investigations.

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