CEIT has an important experience in communication channel modeling. The following point describe the most important characteristics:

Determination of the statistical properties of the channel capacity for the following possibilities

  • Sum-of-sinusoids channel model
  • Generalized concept of deterministic channel model
  • MIMO channel models based on geometrical scattering models such as the one-ring, two-ring, and elliptical scattering model
  • Fast fading: Rayleigh, Rice, and Nakagami fading channels
  • Narrowband and wideband channel models
  • Channel models for multihop communication systems

Channel characterization

  • SumChannel model adjustment with experimental characterization

Generative models

  • Transmitter-channel-receiver considered as a whole (black box) to create a model (Hidden Markov Model) that generates errors with the same statistical parameters (burst length, time between error, etc) as the actual communication system