Due to the growing complexity, time and quality requirements of maintenance and manufacturing operations, the use of new technologies is growing commonplace in the assistance and training of crews (see video).

CEIT works in many aspects of this field, from the generation of the procedural structure of the disassembly of a product, to the development of interactive training simulators. One of the newest research fields is the usage of Augmented Reality (AR) to provide guidance during operation. AR enables the addition of virtual information to a real image of the scene. It allows, therefore, the addition of operation instructions and guiding cues that facilitate the comprehension of the procedure and reduce the possibility of errors.

CEIT also works in the development of intelligent tutoring systems. These systems process the information obtained from different input channels and provide the most appropriate feedback to the users, in order to improve their learning processes.

See demonstration video

Specific capabilities:

  • Computer vision based 3D model recognition using its geometry.
  • Automatic extraction of geometric features.
  • Markerless AR systems with mobile devices.