Expertise in mechanical properties and structural integrity combining experiments, microstructural observations and simulation tools, both analytical and numerical. In particular,

  • Life prediction

    Fatigue and thermomechanical fatigue (testing capabilities up to 1000ºC)

    Interaction of fatigue with oxidation and creep

    Analytical and numerical multiscale modelling

    Implementation of in-house user subroutines in Abaqus to study fatigue damage

    Ni based superalloys

  • Fracture and creep of metallic materials, ceramics and composites

    Micromechanical and probabilistic models

    Toughness of metallic materials

    Composites. Interfacial characterisation from push-in tests

  • Coatings characterisation

    Mechanical properties and adhesion using nanoindentation

    Residual stresses and textures (XRD)

    Microstructure combining TEM, FEG-SEM and FIB

thermomechanical fatigue img1

Life prediction. Creep-oxidation micromechanical model 2.5D woven SiC/C/SiC composites.

Predictive model based on:

  • Fibre behaviour and degradation.
  • Oxidation of the interface and the matrix. Interfacial characterisation from push-in tests.

thermomechanical fatigue