CEIT-IK4 carries out an important R&D activity related to communication networks, including:

  • Design and implementation of the network architecture
  • Communication protocols (standards / design and implementation of proprietary communication protocols)
  • Traffic management and control / traffic classification and differentiation
  • Application of QoS policy and scheduling techniques
  • Bandwidth management / service differentiation
  • Queueing algorithms
  • Development of specific firewall and proxy systems
  • Management and monitoring of communication elements (CPE, routers) using standards (TR-098, TR-069, OSGi middleware)
  • Wireless sensor networks (WSN)
  • Routing protocols in WSN

Framework for Internet public access management

Development of a plug&play platform including traffic control (traffic accounting based on data and time consumption)

Multi-Service Multi-Residential Gateway for Digital Home Networking

Software development for multi-dwelling gateway using OSGi middleware, including firewall features, QoS assurance with bandwidth separation between dwelling units, service-dependent traffic priorization, centralized domotic control...

Integral management of home infrastructures and services

Design and Development of the gateway software, including advanced management capabilities and remote deployment of applications on the home gateway. Development of the Remote Management Server.

The following slides show some specific applications related to this research area.

Scalable and personalized adaptation of homes and buildings for the promotion of an active ageing and a new care service model

Management and diagnosis of the home infrastructure through the home gateway, where services are deployed through the residential gateway.

Extension of capabilities of TR-098 data model defined by Broadband Forum.

Development of proprietary communication protocol.