The meeting has been held at Ceit-IK4


More than 20 experts from different companies and countries have worked about the complexity of signalling systems at the railroad network. The meeting has been held at Ceit-IK4 Tech Center in San Sebastian and it has been a working session of the Shift2Rail initiative. The purpose of the experts was to overcome the differences of on-site tests for signalling in order to improve the interoperability.

The objectives of this work package are:

  • Assessment of todays practice of field testing, including benchmarking with other industries.
  • Definition of a common test process framework to support guidance to decide between on-site and lab/simulation tests.
  • Definition/implementation of a dedicated system test architecture for lab testing supporting Zero On-sight Testing.
  • Improve quality and depth of testing.
  • Standardization of interfaces and test processes to ensure reproducibility.
  • Foster interoperability of products based on commercial tests. These tests may be agreed in the course of commercial contracts and shall not be confused with interoperability assessment tests.
  • Foster common engineering and operational rules and concepts.
  • Cover different railway segments.
  • Offer a specific location for tests to accelerate approval processes.
  • Create an international platform for knowledge exchange and harmonisation of specifications and processes in order to ensure efficiency.
  • To cover generic and specific applications.

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